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Apple grinder plans

Apple grinder plans

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An apple grinder is perhaps the most important part of extracting juice from apples. While a press is important for separating the juice from the pulp, the actual extraction happens in the grinder.

This apple grinder is designed to be buildable from readily available wood without the need for any metal parts other than screws.

The grinding action of this machine is such that most of the juice can be extracted from the resulting pulp just by wrapping it in a dishcloth and squeezing it by hand.

The plans include:

  • Detailed drawings of every part of the grinder
  • A full-scale 1:1 drawings of all the parts, so you can easily check your parts without the need to measure.
  • Dimensioned 3D views and assembly drawings
  • Detailed instructions on how to build it, with over 60 photos
  • Materials list
  • A SketchUp model of the grinder, which allows you to view the grinder from any angle, disassemble it, or regenerate each of the views in the plans by clicking on the 'scene' tabs in SketchUp.
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The plans are in metric units, except for drill and dowel sizes, which are in imperial units.

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