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Mechanical counter plans

Mechanical counter plans

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This mechanical counter works much like an old car odometer counter, or mechanical counters in utility meters. A lever allows for incrementing and decrementing the counter, and a jog wheel on allows for changing the numbers more quickly.

The plans include:

  • Detailed drawings of every part of the counting machine
  • Dimensioned 3D views and assembly drawings
  • Full-scale 1:1 drawings of all parts so you just paste them onto plywood and cut them out with a bandsaw or scrollsaw.
  • Detailed instructions on how to build it, with over 40 photos
  • Mirror image digit templates, as used in the construction
  • More photos of the completed counter
  • Materials and hardware list
  • A SketchUp model of the counter, which allows you to view it from any angle, disassemble it, or regenerate each of the views in the plans by clicking on the 'scene' tabs in SketchUp.
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A peek inside the plans

The plans are in metric units, except for drill and dowel sizes, which are in imperial units.

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