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Screw advance box joint jig plans

Screw advance box joint jig plans

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Detailed plans for my screw advance box joint jig. I love showing off these plans, and have a preview of the plans so you can get a better sense of what's inside before buying.

The plans include:

  • 16 pages of detailed dimensioned drawings of all the parts and assembly views
  • Printable cut-out templates for all the gear sizes, up to 48 teeth.
  • Large 1:1 printable drawing (print on yor printer then paste together)
  • Detailed instruction on building the jig, including over 50 photos of the construction.
  • A program that runs in your browser for calculating spacing tables to work out which combinations of gears to use for what spacing of joint. (runs in your web browser on any computer - mac or PC)
  • A SketchUp model of the jig, which allows you to view the jig from any angle, disassemble it, or regenerate each of the views in the plans by clicking on the 'scene' tabs in SkechUp.
  • Graphical hardware list (with pictures of all the hardware bits)
  • A cut list

Maximum width of cut is 32.8 cm (12.9"), The jig can cut a whole stack of boards at once.

The plans are in Metric units, except for drill and dowel sizes, which are in imperial units. You can generate plans in imperial units simply by changing the units to "imperial" in SketchUp under 'model info', but the units will not work out to even numbers like they do in Metric.

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