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Table saw dovetail jigs plans

Table saw dovetail jigs plans

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The table saw dovetail pins and tails jigs are designed to cut through-dovetail joints on your table saw with great repeatability.
The jigs can handle dovetail joints ranging from much smaller to much larger than is possible with router based dovetail jigs.

The plans include:

  • Detailed drawings of every part of the pins and tails jigs
  • Dimensioned 3D views and assembly drawings
  • Full-scale 1:1 drawings of all parts, so you can just paste them onto the wood instaed of making measurements.
  • Detailed instructions on how to build it, with over 100 photos
  • Materials and hardware list
  • A SketchUp model of the jigs, which allows you to view them from any angle, disassemble it, or regenerate each of the views in the plans by clicking on the 'scene' tabs in SketchUp.
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what's in the plans

The plans are in metric units, except for drill and dowel sizes, which are in imperial units.

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