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Tilting router lift plans

Tilting router lift plans

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Tilting router lift plans

A Tilting router lift really opens up the possibilities with your existing router bits. It's like multiplying the size of your bit collection.

This Tilting router lift is designed to be buildable from birch plywood and maple, without the need for metal working beyond drilling holes in metal and using a hacksaw.

The plans include:

  • Detailed drawings of every part of the router lift
  • Dimensioned 3D views and assembly drawings
  • Full-scale 1:1 drawings of all the parts, so you can easily check your parts without the need to measure.
  • Printable 1:1 templates of the gear sets to get in 10 turns per inch with 5/16" threaded rod, or 2 mm per turn with M8 threaded rod.
  • For full size (3.5" diameter body) routers, or smaller routers with removable bases.
  • Detailed instructions on how to build it, with over 100 photos
  • Materials and hardware list
  • A SketchUp model of the router lift
More about building this router lift

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The plans are in metric units, except for drill and dowel sizes, which are in imperial units.

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